Our Mission

Nascenta's mission is to deliver high quality information security to smaller enterprises and not-for-profits. Our strategy tailors the approaches used by large corporates and the most sensitive areas of government to the requirements and resources of smaller organisations.

Our Heritage

Nascenta began trading in 1999 as Cambridge Data Safe, supplying data protection solutions to schools, colleges and small businesses in and around Cambridge.

In late 2004 Cambridge Data Safe ceased active trading when our director joined HMGCC – an organisation that ensures that the UK Government's communications systems are highly effective, completely reliable and totally secure. During this period, the UK government launched its Cyber Security Strategy with the objective of increasing awareness and the resilience of UK organisations to the cyber threat.

Recognising the growing need for improved cyber security particularly among smaller enterprises, Cambridge Data Safe was re-launched in 2015 as Nascenta Ltd with an expanded team and a new portfolio of products and services. Accessing Nascenta’s extensive knowledge and expertise of information systems and security enables organisations to benefit from the internet and e-business opportunities whilst remaining secure from the Cyber Security threat.

"Effective Security is delivered through Intelligent Thought and the Behaviour of People supported by Good Security Products and Technology"

The Information Security Challenge

Keeping Information secure isn’t a new challenge. Carelessness, Criminality and Espionage have been around for a long time. It’s no surprise that the digital revolution has proved to be as susceptible to these threats as other forms of information in earlier eras.

The growing challenge to information security is evidenced by the frequency with which stories are published concerning the latest organisation to suffer a data security breach. Many of these reports originate in the US, mentioning huge quantities of data and involving government agencies or multi-national corporations such as Adobe or Sony.

Relatively few reports reach the press concerning the numerous, but generally less spectacular, breaches in smaller organisations in the UK, however, this under-reporting masks a significant problem.

2014 Top Reported Incidents of Data Breaches Caused by People:

"Smaller companies are that much more likely to go out of business if they suffer a breach"
- Ivan O'Brien, Ernst & Young
Our Approach

Our approach puts people at the heart of our solutions. We adapt the techniques used by large corporates and sensitive areas of government to match the needs and resources of our clients. We deliver world class security products and technology, but we aim to go beyond this by making people central to the systems and solutions that we develop for our clients.

Our goal is to make sure that we leave an organisation with more than just shiny kit or nifty software. For us, the job isn’t really finished until our clients and their staff understand their contribution to information security, know how to use their system and recognise its value to their business.