Web Application Security

Suspect your company website may be compromised?

If your website has been compromised anyone that visits your website could be at risk. Nascenta offers website cleanup service for just £40. No recurring payments or subscriptions required. We'll even discount the price of websafe should you decide to commit to our continued protection.

What's included as standard:

  • Scan of all files for viruses and malware
  • Removal of malicious code such as web malware or spamming scripts
  • Patch vulnerabilities typically left by hackers for re-entry
  • Update out of date software where possible
  • Suggest new security measures to prevent reinfection

86% Chance
Any given website will have a serious security flaw

Secure Web Application Development

If you need a secure web application it's best to start from the ground up with security at the core. Nascenta specialises in developing secure web applications for small to medium sized organisations in the UK. We have a tailor made approach enabling our clients to reap the benefits of web applicaitons and ecommerce, without breaking the bank on development.

Secure Web Application Development

Penetration Testing

Be confident in your web application by submitting it to our web application security experts for a session of vulnerability tests. During which we take on the role of a 'hacker' and exploit any means necessary to gain unauthorised access to your web application. We will then issue a report to the system owner featuring:

  • An assessment of vulnerabilities
  • Proposed mitigation of vulerabilities
It is important to regularly penetration test web applications. This holds doubly true for web applications that are essential for your business. Threats evolve rapidly and it's crucial you adapt with them.

Web Application Penetration Testing

The Benefits of Working with Nascenta

tick Understanding SMBs & SOHOs - We understand the systems and technology used by smaller enterprises.
tick Realistic and Pragmatic - We match the controls to your risks and budget
tick Expertise in Information Security - Avoid the common pitfalls of information security - keep your systems operational and secure.
tick People-Centric - Our approach recognises that half of SME breaches are caused by people.